Danger of Bottled Water

We all have used them at a certain point. We all love them. They are convenient, they are comfortable and they provide fresh, clean, crisp water for you and your family. The danger of bottled water are not immediately apparent when you first purchase it. Isn’t that funny though? The bottled water industry and the plastic industry decided to take our natural resources, bottle them and then sell them back to us for billions of dollars of profit! It’s great! Well. Not so much. In fact this makes me angry that they would do such a thing. So there are a few things that I want to discuss in this post. I will not go into too much depth with the fill-yourself style bottled water , also known as water canisters or canteens. However, I’m more going into the cases of bottled water that are disposable when done.
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Dangers of BPA



The hidden dangers of BPA, or Bisphenol A, lurk in every sip you take, in every cake you bake, in every meal you make. It exists everywhere but nowhere at the same time. Loaded with health risks and hidden dangers BPA is the single most pervasive organo-estrogen in the world.  It’s use has enabled the plastic industry to successfully neuter most men and make them sexually unresponsive!  Just look at this chart of Viagra prescriptions vs Year:Viagra Prescriptions Trending

 The vertical axis represents millions of prescriptions filled. As you can see it has been steadily increasing since 2001.

Well, I’m kidding about the whole Viagra bit, but seriously this is one bad chemical. Let’s look at the products that BPA exists in:

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