Dangers of Coke and Cola Part 1

Now here’s an interesting mix. One normally does not associate cocaine and cola, but the reality is that is where the major leading brand in cola derived its name. Lets start with the dangers of Coke first.

When you think of cocaine, it’s unlikely that you are thinking of this:

Cocaine 3D

Likely the thing that comes to mind is the image of the Miami Vice scene with Italian mobster Tommy importing countless Kilos, rushing to South Beach on his Formula 28′ speedboat with a dual carb Chevy Big Block Motor being chased by coast guards that can barely keep up with the power. Just arriving from Cuba is a fresh shipment of the finest, highest grade Cocaine imaginable and selling it all at unbelievable prices sparking good times at everybody’s night club. Then being later haled as a hero of the Vice Scene Tommy one wrong move and gets nailed by the police, but not for long as he cuts a deal with them enabling him to go free and import hundreds more kilos of Cocaine…right? Maybe? Yea those were the good old ’70s. Those times are long gone and the serious repercussions of using cocaine have surfaced in our society.

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