Danger of Doritos

Crunchy, zesty flavorful and branded, Doritos offers their consumers a true sensory experience when consuming their products. Their flavors of Doritos range from the  popular Nacho Cheese, to the not so popular Clam Chowder flavor in Japan. This company has grown to be a household staple chip in the United States and their marketing backs that. They are one of the most successfully marketed chip companies out there.

Comparable to Coca Cola’s branding, Doritos offer the consumer something else that no other chip can: intense, accurate and responsive flavor that keeps you grabbing more and more. However, rarely, is a chip construed as a health food or something that is even good for you. We all know that, it’s like ice cream: eat it sparingly. But, don’t you wish you actually knew what kinds of dangers lurk in Doritos? Not only are these to be eaten sparingly, they are flat out dangerous by many consumer standards. However, there is not a whole lot of over site and regulations that are used in the ingredients. Here is a list of the ingredients found in one of Doritos most common products – Nacho Cheese. Directly from the Frito Lay website:

  • Nacho Cheese Doritos ingredients (US), in order of percent of product: whole corn, vegetable oil (corn, soybean, and/or sunflower oil), salt, cheddar cheese (milk, cheese cultures, salt, enzymes), maltodextrin, wheat flour, whey, monosodium glutamate, buttermilk solids, romano cheese (part skim cow’s milk, cheese cultures, salt, enzymes),whey protein concentrate, onion powder, partially hydrogenated soybean and cottonseed oil, corn flour, disodium phosphatelactose, natural and artificial flavor, dextrose, tomato powder, spices, lactic acid, artificial color (including Yellow 6, Yellow 5, Red 40), citric acid, sugar, garlic powder, red and green bell pepper powder, sodium caseinatedisodium inosinatedisodium guanylate, nonfat milk solids, whey protein isolate, corn syrup solids

I have highlighted all the questionable ingredients, which I will go over in this post. Keep in mind, though, this is not the only company releasing these kinds of dangerous chips to the unbeknownst consumer. Like other commercialized products, this company doesn’t show this information to consumers, unless they view the ingredients. That’s why it is so important to look at the ingredients list and label on anything you decide on consuming.
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Dangers of Coke and Cola Part 2

Let’s be afraid of everything. Let’s just hide under our desks and prepare for the catastrophe. Well, not really, but you may want to think twice about consuming that Coca Cola every day. Their marketing is superb and the drink really does make you feel good. That irresistible, crisp, refreshing pop you hear when you open that cap. When you take your first sip, you know you have reached bliss. Ok, now I’m getting ahead of myself. Recently, Coca Cola put out a statement saying that the ingredients found in their diet beverages are not harmful.  Could it be because of the movement towards more suitable beverages that don’t contain 50 ingredients to make it taste good. Hmmm, like water? Anyway, Coca Cola is saying that their artificial sweetener, aspartame, is not harmful and in no way causes any of the effects that other sites claim. Let’s take a further look. What is the Danger of Coca Cola? Let’s proceed with the Dangers of Coke.

It’s the ingredients. I’m not going to go in anything that hasn’t been proven. There have been arguments, though, that  the acidity in Coke has been shown to be quite high in some studies. The acidity argument, however, has been overturned in court though it is still something worth noting. Again, thankfully we have our politicians dictating our health benefits and what is or is not dangerous for us. Good thing with the slam of the gavel things can be rendered safe and non-toxic. One other note. Coca Cola was also accused of not filtering out pesticides that can cause several diseases in their products in India. But, that’s their international market…who cares right?

  • Carbonated Water
  • Sweetener
  • Caffeine
  • Phosphoric Acid
  • Caramel Color
  • Natural Flavorings (Mystery Ingredients)
  • Sodium Benzoate (Diet Only)
  • Acesulfame Potassium (Diet Only)

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Dangers of Coke and Cola Part 1

Now here’s an interesting mix. One normally does not associate cocaine and cola, but the reality is that is where the major leading brand in cola derived its name. Lets start with the dangers of Coke first.

When you think of cocaine, it’s unlikely that you are thinking of this:

Cocaine 3D

Likely the thing that comes to mind is the image of the Miami Vice scene with Italian mobster Tommy importing countless Kilos, rushing to South Beach on his Formula 28′ speedboat with a dual carb Chevy Big Block Motor being chased by coast guards that can barely keep up with the power. Just arriving from Cuba is a fresh shipment of the finest, highest grade Cocaine imaginable and selling it all at unbelievable prices sparking good times at everybody’s night club. Then being later haled as a hero of the Vice Scene Tommy one wrong move and gets nailed by the police, but not for long as he cuts a deal with them enabling him to go free and import hundreds more kilos of Cocaine…right? Maybe? Yea those were the good old ’70s. Those times are long gone and the serious repercussions of using cocaine have surfaced in our society.

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