Dangers of e Cigs Electronic Cigarettes

Now, I know I know all the tobacco users out there are already rolling their eyes…or a cigarette.  In fact, I can see you through the screen with your addicted grin thinking to yourself: what is this quack going to talk about next? The dangers of teapots? Well, that will be a topic in the near future, but honestly this is something at least worth contemplating. Just like the recent boom in “legal high” products, e Cigs have taken a formidable portion of the tobacco market and transferred them over to the new safer vapor lifestyle. Sure it may be vapor and contain a hefty dose of nicotine, but has anyone ever questioned the safety of these products? What are the dangers of e Cigs? Because they largely go unregulated, e Cigs can have a multitude of chemicals that can remain unlisted on the label. Read more


Dangers of BPA



The hidden dangers of BPA, or Bisphenol A, lurk in every sip you take, in every cake you bake, in every meal you make. It exists everywhere but nowhere at the same time. Loaded with health risks and hidden dangers BPA is the single most pervasive organo-estrogen in the world.  It’s use has enabled the plastic industry to successfully neuter most men and make them sexually unresponsive!  Just look at this chart of Viagra prescriptions vs Year:Viagra Prescriptions Trending

 The vertical axis represents millions of prescriptions filled. As you can see it has been steadily increasing since 2001.

Well, I’m kidding about the whole Viagra bit, but seriously this is one bad chemical. Let’s look at the products that BPA exists in:

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