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Danger of Bottled Water

We all have used them at a certain point. We all love them. They are convenient, they are comfortable and they provide fresh, clean, crisp water for you and your family. The danger of bottled water are not immediately apparent when you first purchase it. Isn’t that funny though? The bottled water industry and the […]

Danger of Doritos

Crunchy, zesty flavorful and branded, Doritos offers their consumers a true sensory experience when consuming their products. Their flavors of Doritos range from the  popular Nacho Cheese, to the not so popular Clam Chowder flavor in Japan. This company has grown to be a household staple chip in the United States and their marketing backs […]

Dangers of Coke and Cola Part 2

Let’s be afraid of everything. Let’s just hide under our desks and prepare for the catastrophe. Well, not really, but you may want to think twice about consuming that Coca Cola every day. Their marketing is superb and the drink really does make you feel good. That irresistible, crisp, refreshing pop you hear when you open […]


Dangers of Coke and Cola Part 1

Now here’s an interesting mix. One normally does not associate cocaine and cola, but the reality is that is where the major leading brand in cola derived its name. Lets start with the dangers of Coke first. When you think of cocaine, it’s unlikely that you are thinking of this: Likely the thing that comes to […]


Dangers of BPA

  The hidden dangers of BPA, or Bisphenol A, lurk in every sip you take, in every cake you bake, in every meal you make. It exists everywhere but nowhere at the same time. Loaded with health risks and hidden dangers BPA is the single most pervasive organo-estrogen in the world.  It’s use has enabled […]